The prevention and treatment of pest infestations, including bedbugs, is one of the priorities of the National Environmental Health Plan 4 (PNSE4). Therefore, the Anses wishes to set up a multidisciplinary working group (WG) on “prevention and control of bed bugs”, composed of about ten experts competent in different fields (entomology, epidemiology, vector control, economic & social sciences…).

The questions to be addressed in the framework of this expertise will include:

  • the characteristics of bed bugs, particularly with regard to resistance to insecticides, and their possible ability to transmit infectious agents ;
    the understanding of the dynamics of the presence and proliferation of bed bugs (bio-ecological, physical, technical, socio-economic, demographic, cultural, geographical determinants, etc.);
  • the methods of control of bedbugs and the actors who develop them, in order to determine the most effective methods with regard to the preservation of the health of exposed persons (during and after use) and the effects on the environment;
  • the identification of the benefits and possible risks associated with the different control methods available with :
    >on the one hand, an analysis of the risks for human health (applicators and residents) and for the environment, especially for methods based on the application of biocidal products and the associated impacts;
    >on the other hand, an analysis of the benefits in terms of public health (avoided psychological damage and preserved quality of life);
  • recommendations for the prevention of infestations

Interested candidates can consult the information on the call for applications and the skills sought on the Anses website (

Applications must be submitted online by November 2, 2021 at the following web address

For any additional information, please send your questions by email to: or to if it is a question related to the filling of your public declaration of interests (DPI).

Please distribute this announcement widely to your contacts who may be interested.