Arbo-France is a French network for the study of arboviruses whose objective is to facilitate preparedness and response to human and animal arbovirus epidemics in metropolitan France and in overseas territories.

The objectives of Arbo-France are :

  • to create a monitoring and alert system for REACTing/Aviesan
  • to improve the visibility of arbovirus research in France and internationally
  • to assist in setting up research projects
  • to provide expertise on particular topics

1 – A Constant Watch

The information provided by the members of the steering group gives a precise and continuous overview of the epidemiological situation in mainland France and the overseas territories. This information is presented and discussed during the monthly meetings of the steering group. In the event of a suspicious event, REACTing will be informed.

2 – Assistance in setting up research projects

Arbo-France aims to improve and broaden interactions between French research teams on major scientific issues. To this end, working groups are set up to identify research needs on a given subject and facilitate the development of scientific projects.

3 – Expertise

Arbo-France may be commissioned by REACTing to carry out an expertise on a particular topic or current scientific issues.

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