Set up in November 2021, the epidemiological surveillance group led by Céline DUPUY (ANSES Lyon/ESA platform) and Harold NOËL (Santé Publique France) organises monthly meetings with all the experts
The aim of these meetings is to review the circulation of human and animal arboviruses in France (mainland and overseas territories) and in the world. These meetings are also an opportunity to deal with certain current events in a more precise manner.

A panel of presenters has been identified in order to have a good representation of the territories and areas of surveillance in human and animal health. The experts are also asked to bring up subjects that can be discussed during these meetings.

Epidemiological situation of Dengue in Reunion by Luce Yemadje-Menudier (Santé publique France – Reunion)

Presentation in link Dengue-Reunion-07.12.2021

  • Epidemiological situation of Dengue in the Antilles

Presentation in link Antilles-Dengue-07.12.2021

  • Epidemiological situation of the Ovine Catarrhal Fever presented by Céline Dupuy (Plateforme ESA-ANSES) and Stephan Zientara (LNR FCO, ANSES)

Presentation in link _FCO-07.12.2021

  • Epidemiological situation of Oropouche and Mayaro in French Guyana presented by Dominique Rousset and Jean-Bernard Duchemin (Institut Pasteur de Guyane)

Présentation en lien Oropouche Mayaro 02022022

  • Epidemiological situation of African Swine Fever (ASF) presented by Céline Dupuy (Plateforme ESA-ANSES) and Sylvie Lecollinet (CIRAD)

Présentation en lien PPA02022002

Prof. Fabrice Chandre shared a presentation on insecticide resistance surveillance.
La présentation est disponible sur ce lien.

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