In order to support research on emerging and re-emerging arboviruses, as part of the Arbo-France network’s activities, ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases is launching its second call for applications to fund thesis grants from April 13th to May 31st, 2023.

This call aims to fund 3 thesis grants on arboviroses starting in September 2023.

These grants are open to all aspects and disciplines of arbovirology, with two priority themes identified but not restrictive:

  • Animal component of arboviral infections: study of the animal compartment of a zoonosis / study of a strictly animal arbovirus that can serve as a model of emergence.
  • Interventional research on human arboviral diseases in population health, in metropolitan and/or overseas territories: vector control/control of arboviral risk progression and the use of dengue vaccines.


*Interventional Population Health Research (IPHR) aims to produce knowledge on interventions (actions, programs, organizations or policies) that can act on the distribution of risk and protective factors in a given population and reduce social inequalities in health, and have an impact on the social, cultural, and environmental determinants of health in that population.


April 13 – May 31, 2023

Results: July 2023


Research grants are intended for researchers who are:

  • French or foreign
  • PhD students
  • 40 years old or younger at the deadline for applications
  • affiliated with a French research institution, whether public or private
  • candidates for a French doctoral program.

Your request must be submitted on the APOGEE platform, following the scientific outline provided below.


For any information regarding the call for applications, please contact:

Please consult the following documents: