ANRS Emerging Infectious Diseases is about to launch the second call for projects of the Priority Research Program and Equipment on Emerging Infectious Diseases (PEPR MIE), Measure 2 of the National Strategy for Accelerating Emerging Infectious Diseases and Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical Threats supported by France 2030.

With the aim of effectively preventing and controlling emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, both individually and collectively, and following on from the 2023 AAP which saw the launch of 11 research projects with funding of almost €22M, this new call will target the 3 components of the PEPR MIE :

  • Component 1 – Accelerating the acquisition of knowledge on MIEs
  • Component 2 – Organize and develop new treatments, vaccines and other prevention, diagnostic and surveillance tools for EIM.
  • Component 3 – Enabling public policies and society to cope with epidemic crises

For further information, please visit the  ANRS MIE website.