Inscription to the 1st Symposium on “Research & Innovation for the control of vectors of emerging arboviruses”

Agropolis International- Montpellier
14th February 2023



Over the past 10 years, arboviral diseases, such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever, have (re)emerged with increasing prevalence and severity. In the absence of effective vaccines and treatments, preventing these diseases at the global scale continues to depend largely on controlling mosquito vector populations, interrupting human–vector contact or both. Unfortunately, the recent resurgence of Aedes transmitted arboviral diseases worldwide including in Europe highlights the limitations of current vector control to prevent epidemics and to reduce the incidence of diseases. Consequently, new, affordable, scalable and community-based vector control measures are urgently needed to prevent the introduction, spread and establishment of Aedes-borne diseases and contribute to better health and human well-being.

Objective of the symposium

This symposium organised by INOVEC and its partners aims to review the performances of new tools, technologies and strategies for the control of invasive vectors, identify gaps, and promote collaborative research and exchanges across sectors and disciplines. The symposium aims also to foster private-public partnership for creating novel pathways for product development.

Expected outcomes

The symposium is expected to enhance our knowledge and understanding on the potential of new diagnostic tools, Vector Control Tools and Citizen science-based approaches for the surveillance and control of invasive mosquito vectors. The symposium also aims to create a “mutual culture” of research & innovation in vector control by stimulating new connections between companies, biologists and social scientists.

Targeted audience

The scientific community, public health sectors, stakeholders, donor agencies, industries, international organisations involved in the surveillance and control of mosquito-borne diseases.

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